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Discover Sustainable OTAKU Goals!

Discover Sustainable OTAKU Goals!

What is an Otaku?

The Japanese word ‘otaku’ refers to an individual who is completely obsessed with aspects of popular culture, to a degree that appears damaging to their social life. As opposed to just being a big fan, an otaku will let their obsession overshadow their life.

To be fair, at any one point in their life, we’re fairly sure everyone’s almost reached the otaku level about something. It’s human nature to become passionate and excited and even addicted to something that interests you. However, the intensity of an otaku is next level.

It may feel rewarding to be part of a community of like-minded individuals who all share the same level of obsession, however, the burnout of this significant level of interest is inevitable, and when it happens, it’s strong.

To address this issue that is more common than most people believe, @t_shigeno on Twitter has developed some helpful Sustainable Otaku Goals (SOGs) that can help an otaku live in a manner that’s safe and enjoyable for them as well as for their fandom community.

Let’s have a look at them!

Sustainable Otaku Goals (SOGs)

Sustainable OTAKU Goals 2

1. No Health, No Life.

This is the most important goal of being an otaku. The stereotype of an otaku sitting at home alone on their computer all day is sadly more true than not, but @t_shigeno is calling this out as being unsustainable. An otaku must take care of their physical body in the real world as much as they feed their obsession online.

2. Compatible with Social Life

It may be easy to become lost in the niche fandom of what you’re interested in, but remember, it’s healthy to partake in social activities outside of your otaku interests.

3. Take a Bath

This is as straightforward as they come. Take a break, take a bath, and don’t leave it to the next day.

4. Circulate the Economy

It’s a given that if you’re a big fan of a certain media or person, it’s important to legally and economically contribute to its creation, so that it can continue providing entertainment for fans like yourself.

However, many otaku fans tend to overdo it and spend much more than just their disposable income. Please be mindful and don’t overspend!

5. Support Your Oshi Whilst You Can

An ‘oshi’ is your favorite idol, voice actor, or simply your favorite performer, and, similar to the above, it’s important to support them if you can. This can be done via purchasing tickets to attend their concerts, buying their albums, collecting merchandise, etc.

6. Appropriate Contribution

This is just reiterating that the above two points which mention supporting your obsession financially, if and when you can, is important, but it’s equally important to do it within your own means. Even if you don’t spend thousands of dollars on merchandise, it doesn’t make you less of a fan.

7. Enjoy & Continue

This one seems obvious, but sometimes you get so stuck into liking and obsessing over something, it becomes bigger than it is in your head, and you forget that you first got into it because it’s fun! Essentially, what this rule is saying is: don’t lose sight of why you liked it in the first place, because once it stops being fun, the burnout will happen really quick.

8. Good Relationship / 9. I am Me, Others are Others

Rules 8 and 9 are similar in the sense that they’re reminding you that you’re not the only one with deep and passionate interest about that certain thing. Whilst you want to find enjoyment in it, others want to do the same, but maybe their method of doing so, or their opinions about certain things, don’t align with yours. And that’s ok.

10. Correct Information

We all know that an obsession with something leads to most people thinking they know everything. However, in the day and age where information, both true and false, is readily available anywhere and everywhere, it pays to stay vigilant and mindful that not everything you read and ‘know’ is true.

11. Comply with the Law, Observe Manner

This refers more to outside-of-home interactions with other otaku fans. At events such as conventions, fan meetings, concerts, etc, it’s important not to encroach on other people’s personal space and private property. They may be as equally obsessed as you are, but it doesn’t mean they’re keen on a 3-hour discussion with you.

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12. Take Care of Belongings

Pretty much a 101 rule of being an otaku: take care of your merchandise! Preserving older items is super important, as it could be limited edition and never be made again.

13. Not only Consume, but also Provide

Maybe not only provide financially, as previously stated, but more to the community. Challenge opinions, provide ideas, support other voices – generally contribute to and provide a thriving community.

14. Calm View to Self and Others

Remember, people aren’t out there to get you. Even if they disagree with your opinion, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like you or like your common interest any less. Keep calm when speaking with others, and know that personal opinion and interest is a human thing.

15. Nurture the Next Generation

To keep a sustainable fandom alive, the next generation should be nurtured to continually contribute and live a sustainable otaku life.

16. Courage to Change, Courage to Rest

Don’t be afraid to take a step back from your obsession and rest every once in a while. It says nothing about your interest level. Recharge and come back bright!

17. Prepare for Unexpected

As with most things in life, it helps to prepare for the unexpected. If a fandom ever fell through, or an idol simply stopped promoting, otaku fans may feel a sense of loss that they don’t think they can recover from. It’s important to have a plan in place to know how you will address these unexpected issues if they ever arise.

Many Twitter users have positively responded to the SOGs, with others saying that this is applicable to more than just otaku fans; it’s a lifestyle framework for modern society.

Start off 2022 strong by adopting these guidelines and live that sustainable life!

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