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“Detective Conan” Celebrates 25th Year Anniversary and Thousandth Episode Aired

“Detective Conan” Celebrates 25th Year Anniversary and Thousandth Episode Aired

New Detective Conan Film to be Released Amid the Series’ 25th Anniversary  

Legendary anime series, Detective Conan, broadcasted under the name, Case Closed, in English markets, celebrates its 25th year on television and thousandth episode on air with re-creations of fan-favorite episodes and the airing of fan-favorite opening theme songs. The campaigns will promote the series’ new 2021 film, Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet.

Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet movie advertisement.
Image sourced from Otaku USA Magazine

As of March 6 this year, Detective Conan marks its 25th year of broadcasting on television and its thousandth episode on the air.  To celebrate, various campaigns have been carried out including the airing of recreated fan-favorite episodes and opening theme songs, discounted movie tickets, and release of the now 24-year-old “Season 1” on Detective Conan’s official YouTube channel ( for free.

On Twitter, fans voted for their favorite episodes and opening theme songs.  The winner of the fan-favorite episode will be recreated using current animation technology to produce a sharper, more refined version of the episode.

What Are the Twitter Campaigns? 

Users tweeted their episode choice with “#コナン神回”, translated as “#conanbestepisode” to cast their virtual votes.  Twitter users selected episode 11 from “Season 1” called “Moonlight Sonata Murder Case” (known as Piano Sonata Gekkou Satsujin Jiken in Japanese) that originally aired on April 8, 1996.  “#ピアノソナタ” translated as #pianosonata began trending on Twitter, showcasing that this episode was a long-time fan-favorite.

Advertisement for the airing of the newly recreated “Moonlight Sonata Murder Case” episode.
Image sourced from AnimeAnime.

One Twitter user ( was devastated at the fact that they had missed the airing of the recreated rendering of “Moonlight Sonata Murder Case”, stating that it was from one of their favorite seasons of Conan and that they might even cry!

In addition to picking a favorite episode, fans voted on their favorite opening theme songs as well.  There were over 420,000 virtual votes cast between January 8 and March 5.  The winning fan-favorite theme song was 真っ赤のLip or, makka no lip, meaning “bright red lip”, by WANDS.  The song was the opening theme song for the anime in January 2020.

Further, Detective Conan fans will be choosing their all-time favorite characters.  The voting for this opened on March 24 and has over 100 characters to choose from, including the black silhouette or “mystery character” used to depict a criminal whose identity has not been determined yet.  The chosen character will be revealed through an illustration drawn by the creator of the series, Gosho Aoyama.

Creator of Detective Conan, Gosho Aoyama, and a sketch to thank the staff at Universal Studios Japan.
Image sourced from NicoNico News.

All fans need to do to vote for their favorite character is include their movie ticket number.  If they are in possession of multiple movie tickets, they can vote multiple times.  The voting will continue until April 23, one week after the film’s release. 

To promote the purchase of movie tickets even more, mobile provider AU is giving away 1,000 yen ($9 USD) worth of points to those who sign up with AU’s Smart Pass Premium.  These points can be used to purchase a movie ticket and, thus, a vote.  

How Did Conan Fans React? 

There is currently tons of conversation about Detective Conan’s new movie release and the various campaigns on Twitter in Japan.  Hundreds of thousands of fans who have bought their movie tickets are casting their votes with many of them unable to narrow down their decision to one favorite episode, theme song, or character.

Twitter user, Katahiro (, expressed how hard it is for him to choose only one favorite character.  As a result, he didn’t even vote!

Yura ( was conflicted between choosing Conan and Akai-san, stating that she should be happy if either go chosen, while also emphasizing that Conan will remain number one even if he is not chosen as the favorite character!

Go Vote and Enjoy the Film! 

Detective Conan does not seem to be losing its hype after 25 years on air and seems like it will be around for much longer.  Fans worldwide look forward to Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet’s release this April!  Those in Japan should vote!


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