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“Death Note” Manga Returns After 14 Years!

“Death Note” Manga Returns After 14 Years!

After 14 years, Death Note is set to return in a new original story by author, Tsugumi Ohba, and illustrator, Takeshi Obata.

The Old

The original story revolves around genius high school student, Light Yagami, and the events that unfold when he obtains a Death Note– a supernatural item that kills anyone whose name is written down on it. While the same Death Note and its accompanying Shinigami, Ryuk, are set to return in this new manga, the notebook will fall into new hands this time around.

Below is a picture of Minoru Tanaka, the new holder of the Death Note in the Death Note: Special One-Shot released in March. 

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The New

The new manga, titled DEATH NOTE Short Stories, will be a compilation of several different short stories that all take place in the years following the events of the original manga. One story included is a special one-shot manga that was released in March 2020. In this story, Ryuk’s Death Note comes into the possession of Minoru Tanaka, a middle school student who held the highest test scores in Japan for three years straight.

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Other works to be included in the short stories collection are two one-shot manga, released back in 2008, that center around Detective L’s life. Both one-shots were included in a special book released with the Japanese live-action Death Note movie. 

The short story compilation is scheduled to go on sale on February 4, 2021. It will consist of 226 pages.

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