Cosplayers Gets Arrested For Anti China Symbolism

Among the rise in the number of protests that are taking place in Hong Kong. China has been taking strong measures to not to let anti-nationality statements fly in the air.

The word “Spiritually Japanese”  may not hold any meaning to you but it does in China. To Japanese people, the meaning of the word Spiritually Japanese” defines as a derogatory term for the Chinese people who are into Japanese anime and cosplay. So far, it doesn’t look like it would cause a situation to a getting arrested by the cops level.

But the word holds a whole new different meaning to the people in the red country. Apparently, the Chinese government sees the word Spiritually Japanese” as a solidarity to the Japanese government while holding disdain towards their own government.

The term Spiritually Japanese” came to the spotlight when two people got arrested for wearing Japanese military uniforms in the streets of mainland China, that was last year. It takes a whole another form when on July 28, 9 cosplayers who perceived themselves as Spiritually Japanese” got arrested in just one day.

One of them was 22-year-old a cartoonist named “Zhang”, who depicted Chinese people as pigs. The cops released a statement of her arrest saying –

“Warping Chinese history and the state of affairs both in and out the country in bad faith.” – Communist Pigs

And the second victim was a 36-year-old collaborator surnamed Lu for circulating these pictures on social media.

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While some might see this as a WIN for the government But it is a definite loss for the democracy of people. If your country acts like one of the Three Wise Monkeys, soon the people of the country will find themselves throwing shit at each other.

As the will create anger within some people and the rest will feel prohibitive and afraid to get their views out, which in its core defines an individual from a group thinking that leads to a better rising informed democracy.

What’s your thought about this? Let me know in the comments below.

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