“CoD: Warzone” Will Get the eSports Treatment

Later on this year, Call of Duty (CoD): Warzone is on track to join CoD: Cold War and Modern Warfare as a premier title in Activision’s Call of Duty League (CDL).

The CDL has been focused on growth as the League expands to appeal to larger audiences and boost the viewership of the professional circuit.

Current Details

Activision hasn’t given too much detail as to when Warzone will be included but an announcement is coming soon. An online tournament is scheduled for February 11-14 but Warzone is not in it.

Johanna Faries, Head of Leagues at Activision, said in an interview, “We’ve been closely monitoring the introduction and the wild popularity of Warzone since last spring … [and] we’ve taken the off-season to think bigger about what a more structured investment could look like.”

According to Faries, the CDL has bigger plans for Warzone’s incorporation rather than just the game but she has remained tight-lipped over the details.

Growth Plan

Activision and the CDL are working hard to build a better community by bringing back former and new CoD players into the eSports scene.

Per Johanna Faries, “We’re [Activision] seeing a lot of attention, a lot of interest from potential partners, investors, new fan bases [from] all over the world … [and] that all points to me that we are onto something… not only from an engagement perspective but from a business perspective.”

The implementation of Warzone is sure to fork in a ton of money. Since its release in March 2020, Warzone has attracted more than 30 million players in the first two weeks of its launch and brought in $1.2 billion in microtransactions alone. The player base has grown over the course of 2020, probably due to the pandemic’s stay at home orders.

Faries unsurprisingly maintains a positive attitude towards the future despite the technical issues that made 2020 difficult for the CDL.

Previous Technical Issues

The CDL was marred by the pandemic and had to cancel all of its in-person events. This forced the League to transition to a totally online format and issues abounded. Server issues and dropped players were among the technical difficulties.

Take, for example, the London Home Series finals between the Dallas Empire and the Paris Legion. The two teams were able to test and choose which servers they’d like to play on but the only ones that were available at that time were in the United States.

The Dallas Empire won the series, largely because they’re much closer to the server and had little to no latency. An Empire team member, James “Clayster” Eubanks, wasn’t happy with the victory and called it “unfair”.

See Also

Faries was asked about server issues in another interview and while she didn’t give specifics, she did say the League is working closely with teams to build a better gaming environment for this year’s season. Faries said, “I think a good work-plan [is having] everyone [know] where the servers are, what the contingency plans look like should something happen midstream”.

There are many good signs and positivity fueling Activision’s eSports plans. Players are eagerly awaiting how Warzone will be implemented. Seeing all this passion from the League’s runners, I’m sure the CDL will not disappoint.

So, what are your thoughts? What will Activision do to implement Warzone into its League and what would you like to see?

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