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“Call of Duty Warzone Season 3” Launches With Tons of New Content

“Call of Duty Warzone Season 3” Launches With Tons of New Content

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Call of Duty: Warzone “Season 3” is finally here, and with it, comes an avalanche of new content consisting of never-before-seen maps, operators, weapons, skin, and story additions. The season starts today, April 22, and players can begin their new Battle Pass.

Warzone has been extremely popular since its launch and recently hit two major milestones. On the official Warzone blog, the development team announced that the game surpassed 100 million players, and the franchise, as a whole, exceeded 400 million game sales.

New Toys to Play With

Players will be given three new Operators to play with and a revamped version of an old favorite. The new operators are Wraith, Knight, and Antonov
– all a part of the “Warsaw Pact” with Wraith being the first one to be released at Tier 0 in the Battle Pass.

Knight and Antonov will be coming later in the season, in their own bundle. And anyone who bought Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (what a name) will be able to get a new version of Captain Price, who fans have dubbed Price ‘84.

In addition to the three operators, six new weapons are going to be thrown in there as well, but not all at once. The Swiss K31 Sniper Rifle and the CARV.2 Tactical Rifle have been added for everyone to use at launch.

The PPSH-4, a sub-machine gun, is unlocked at Tier 15 of the Battle Pass. A Ballistic Knife, Baseball Bat, and the AMP63 Pistol will be added later on in “Season 3”.


As for the new Warzone map, the developers did something different and changed the Verdansk map.

As a part of the “Season 2” finale, Raven Software held an in-game event called the “Destruction of Verdansk, Part 1” where a nuclear missile was launched and destroyed Verdansk, altering the map and any players who were on there, all in an attempt to stop the zombie horde.

After the explosion, it turns out the area was transported back in time to 1984 and is now named Verdansk ’84. Verdansk has been given a hell of a facelift with new areas such as Summit, the Military Base Salt mine, and Array replacing the Dam. Other locations such as the Stadium and Superstore have been changed to fit the 1984 Cold War aesthetic the map is going for.

Undead Upgrade

Currently, CoD Zombie will be given small updates, but that could change as the season rolls on.

A new field upgrade, known as Toxic Growth, causes poisonous thorns to bloom in front of your operator. This power-up can be upgraded to buff its damage or result in exploding of enemies killed by the thorns. Coming in from CoD Cold War is the D.I.E. Machine Shockwave Wonder Weapon.

Other updates include additions to Outbreak that will be seeing a new region called Duga as well as two new vehicles, the FAV and the Cargo Truck. Fans will be able to enjoy the Requiem storyline as it continues.

I gave a pretty decent rundown of what will be in “Season 3”, but I still left out a ton of details that I couldn’t fit. Stuff like the Hunt for Adler event, new prestige levels, and the new multiplayer modes. I’ll leave those for you to discover when you get your hands on the game.

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