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Bungo Stray Dogs Gets a Live-Action Film

Bungo Stray Dogs Gets a Live-Action Film

The first live-action movie of the Bungo Stray Dogs franchise has been announced!

The official website and Twitter account for Bungo Stray Dogs the Movie: Beast, the live-action film of Kafka Asagiri’s light novel Bungo Stray Dogs: Beast, has posted a teaser trailer with English subtitles.


It had been confirmed that the live-action film will reunite several of the actors from the stage plays.

Bungo Stray Dogs: Beast will be released on January 7, 2022, all across Japan. Regarding the release date for international audiences, fans will have to wait a while.

Crunchyroll describes the plot thus:

Kicked out of his orphanage and on the verge of starving to death, Nakajima Atsushi meets some strange men. One of them, Dazai Osamu, is a suicidal man attempting to drown himself in broad daylight. The other, bespectacled Kunikida Doppo, nervously stands by flipping through a notepad. Both are members of the “Armed Detective Agency” said to solve incidents that even the military and police won’t touch. Atsushi ends up accompanying them on a mission to eliminate a man-eating tiger that’s been terrorizing the population.

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Sourced from Twitter

The “what-if” story concerns Atsushi Nakajima in the Port Mafia and Ryūnosuke Akutagawa in the Armed Detective Agency, instead of vice-versa. The story follows Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, who vows revenge on a man dressed in black in order to rescue his sister. However, as he is about to starve to death, a man from the Armed Detective Agency appears.

Koichi Sakamoto will direct the movie, and the screenplay is written by Kafka Asagiri. Kadokawa is distributing the film.

The cast is listed as follows:

  • Shōhei Hashimoto and Yūki Torigoe will be reprising their respective roles of Ryūnosuke Akutagawa and Atsushi Nakajima
  • Masashi Taniguchi as Sakunosuke Oda 
  • Teruma as Doppo Kuniki
  • Ryōki Nagae as Rampo Edogawa
  • Kōsuke Kuwano as Junichirō Tanizaki
  • Hitoshi Horinouchi as Kenji Miyazawa 
  • Ao Hirakawa as Akiko Yosano 
  • Akari Saitō as Naomi Tanizaki 
  • Rui Tabuchi as Osamu Dazai 
  • Sakina Kuwae as Kyouka Izumi 
  • Ayaka Konno as Gin
  • Keisuke Ueda as Chūya Nakahara

What’re your sentiments about this upcoming movie?

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