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Bleach is Back! And More From Jump Festa 2022

Bleach is Back! And More From Jump Festa 2022

Jump Festa 2022 has recently ended and we got a ton of amazing news about some of our favorite anime series. We’re going to break down the biggest announcements today.

Bleach Returns

The biggest of which was the very first trailer and release date announcement for the new Bleach anime. Set to release in October 2022, Studio Pierrot is coming back to adapt the final Bleach arc, The Thousand-Year Blood War, in a new season adaptly named Bleach: Thousand-year Blood War.

The original Bleach anime ended all the way back in 2012 with the Lost Substitute Shinigami arc, and ever since then, Bleach fans (myself included) have been begging and hoping for another season to come out. The final arc will see Ichigo and the rest of the Shinigami fight their long-time enemies, the Quincy, and come to terms with the sins that the Soul Society was built on top of.

I’m super excited for this new season. We’ve been waiting for almost 10 years now and those awesome fights are finally going to be animated. It’s going to be awesome.

My Hero Academia Ending

My Hero Academia author Kohei Horikoshi dropped a bombshell at Jump Festa where he announced that the manga is entering its final phase and is set to end in 2022. Horikoshi has admitted in the past that the manga has gone on for way longer than he originally anticipated and, currently, the series is wrapping up plot points, like revealing the identity of Toru Hagakure aka Invisible Girl.

The anime will continue with season six which is set to premiere during Fall 2022 and will focus on the Paranormal Liberation War arc. The new trailer teases Deku squaring up with Tomura Shigaraki and the rest of the series’ supervillains as our main hero struggles with his newfound powers.

Trailers, Trailers, and More Trailers

Jump Festa released tons of trailers and information during the few days it was happening, so here they are in rapid-fire succession.

Naruto 20th Anniversary and Other Small News

Those were just the highlights, but some smaller announcements came out as well.

One of the more notable ones is the beginning of the Naruto 20th Anniversary celebration for the anime. Another trailer released for this as well, which centers on Naturo and Sasuke looking their childhoods up after their fight at the Valley of the End.

Some character designs were shown off for the upcoming One Piece movie, One Piece Film Red.

And that’s pretty much everything. There was a lot to go through, but those are the major announcement from Jump Festa 2022. Let me know which one was your favorite!

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