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The blockbuster announcement that the popular TV anime series, Black Clover, would be made into a movie was revealed on the cover of this week’s Weekly Shonen Jump No. 17 released in Japan on Monday, March 29.

The new commemorative poster for Black Clover teases about a new direction, Image Sourced from Dengeki Online

The announcement was coupled with a new 70-second short video on YouTube.  Although the video is in Japanese, there is a hint, 40 seconds into the video, that an English version may be in the works.

What is Black Clover?

Black Clover, a popular manga by Yuki Tabata that sold a total of more than 12 million copies to date, was originally animated in October 2017.  170 episodes have been broadcast in Japan.

Black Clover has a large following all over the world, Image Sourced from Animate Times

Crunchyroll, a major overseas platform, has distributed the translations in 87 countries and regions around the world– making Black Clover a worldwide sensation.

What is the gist of the story?

The main character, a boy named Asta, and his rival Yuno- who cannot use magic- frequently go head-to-head in this creative, magical fantasy blockbuster.  Their mutual goal is to become the highest-ranking wizard.

Main character Asta, Image Sourced from Demon God Tadd

Details of how the story of Black Clover, which is commonly abbreviated in Japanese as Bula Kuro (ブラクロ), will twist and turn as Asta is challenged in the movie have yet to be announced.

Asta’s rival, Yuno, Image Sourced from Comic Book

Who is the author?

The author of Black Clover, Yuki Tabata, 36, is a manga artist from Fukuoka, Japan.

Yuki Tabata (second from the right wearing the “Guest” badge), author of Black Clover and Hungry Joker, together with his editor and support staff, Image Sourced from Reddit

He turned pro in 2001 after winning the coveted Manga Tenka Ichi Prize (天下一漫画賞) which is awarded each year to the most promising up-and-coming manga artist.  Tabata is also known for drawing 24 issues of the manga, Hungry Joker.

The final episode just aired in Japan

On Tuesday, March 30, TV Tokyo aired the show’s final episode in Japan.

Fan reaction

For years, fans have been clamoring for a big-screen adaptation of the anime series.  Their wish will soon be granted.

Kana Suzuki, a big fan with 30,000+ followers on Twitter, tweeted on Monday,

“I bought Jump and shouted for joy last night!  Congratulations on the 6th anniversary of the anime serialization and the decision to make it into a movie.  I am really happy with this wonderful news.  Tomorrow is the final episode of the anime, but Black Clover will continue!”

The photo shows the cover of this week’s Jump magazine.

Matona was so happy that she drew her own poster to commemorate the announcement.  She tweeted,

“I drew an illustration to support the final episode of the anime and the decision to make it into a movie. I have enjoyed watching the anime and reading the manga every week! Now I am looking forward to the future activities of Asta and his friends!”

The text in Japanese says, “Congratulations on the design (pending) to make Black Clover into a movie!”

Fellow fan Yukinko tweeted,

“Congratulations on the decision to make Black Clover into a movie.  I became attracted to this series when I saw Black Clover through Snow Man.  The story is so interesting.  I am really looking forward to seeing Asta’s activities at a movie theater.”

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After watching the last episode of the anime series on TV, Masato tweeted,

“It has been decided to make Black Clover into a movie!  Congratulations!  I want to go see it.  Asta’s devil is cute!”

We’ll keep you posted on more information about the highly anticipated movie release soon.

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