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Best Yanfei Build Guide | “Genshin Impact”

Best Yanfei Build Guide | “Genshin Impact”

A new character has arrived in Genshin Impact with the recent launch of version 1.5.

Yanfei, the legal advisor from Liyue, has been introduced to the Genshin Impact 1.5 roster. She is a four-star character and the second Pyro catalyst user to debut in a banner.

Many players have saved up Primogems in anticipation of this event banner as they seek to obtain both Yanfei and the Geo Archon, Zhongli.

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Players who decide to build Yanfei have a few options. She can be used for her Pyro DPS abilities or in a Pyro-infusion support role.

Much like Klee, Yanfei is a more natural fit for the main DPS role compared to the support role. She works so well for DPS because her abilities reward the player for keeping her on the field, as opposed to supporting units whose abilities last after switching characters.

However, many players may not see themselves using Yanfei in the main DPS slot, perhaps because they already have the five-star unit, Klee. Yanfei can still play a solid part in the support role for players who want another Pyro Vision on their team.

Best Yanfei Genshin Impact Builds

DPS build

As a main DPS, Yanfei can be very powerful with the right tools on hand.

The best weapon to put in Yanfei’s hands is the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds. It has a passive ability that stacks and increases elemental DMG while also increasing movement speed. This catalyst’s sub-stat is crit rate, and a high crit rate is always great for DPS characters.

Another good weapon for Yanfei is the Solar Pearl, which allows Elemental Skills and Bursts to buff her normal attacks and vice versa. There are three solid artifact sets to use with Yanfei, but the easiest to obtain is the Wanderer’s Troupe set.

The Elemental Mastery buff is nice, although it becomes less important in the late game. However, the set works much better for Yanfei with all four equipped. Her playstyle prioritizes charged attacks, which consume the “Scarlet Seals” she generates to deal extra damage. So, the extra damage to charged attacks from these artifacts is great for Yanfei.

The four-piece Lavawalker set is another great collection to equip on Yanfei. Equipped with the four artifacts, the character deals a significant 35% extra damage to enemies affected by Pyro. And since Yanfei’s attacks are all Pyro, this bonus should be applied pretty consistently.

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Lastly, there’s the Crimson Witch of Flames artifacts. Just two of these can be useful, helping Yanfei deal extra Pyro damage. The four-piece set is also superb, so long as players can trigger certain elemental reactions while still maintaining Yanfei on the field.

Support build

If Yanfei is not used in the main DPS role, she could make for a good support unit.

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As a catalyst user, Yanfei is naturally exceptional at applying the Pyro element to enemies. Essentially, the strategy here is to infuse enemies with Pyro and using Yanfei before creating elemental reactions with other characters.

To build Yanfei as a supporting character, players should look for weapons and artifact sets that help other characters in the party deal more damage. Thankfully, there is a three-star weapon that Yanfei can use when in a support role. The “Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers” catalyst buffs the next party member’s ATK after switching out the current character who wields the weapon.

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This weapon makes Yanfei especially useful when players can switch to their main DPS and trigger elemental reactions. For example, players can use Yanfei’s Elemental Burst and infuse enemies with Pyro, then switch to Keqing for increased ATK and to trigger Overload.

Perhaps the best artifact set for a support build Yanfei is the Noblesse Oblige. The four-piece set is necessary here. With the full collection, this set allows Yanfei to buff all party members’ ATK after using her Elemental Burst.

The Instructor set is a reliable option for newer players. With a two-piece Instructor set, Yanfei’s Elemental Mastery increases, making the elemental reactions that she triggers more potent. And with the four-piece set, Yanfei will be able to increase the elemental mastery of everyone in the party.

Players are sure to use Yanfei in their teams when in need of a dependable Pyro character. With the best Yanfei builds above, she is certainly a very viable party member.

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