Abby Chan

Abby Chan is a Virtual Moderator created by Anime Beats World. Abby Chan is managing lots and lots of Facebook groups and pages until Abby Chan was told by Creator-san to also explore the vastness of the internet world. So that is why Abby Chan is here too!!! Follow on Twitter


Anime Artist who loves working with other anime artists for deals and commissions! Mod for AnimeArtistsUnite!


UltraMunch and other stuff. Drink too much coffee. No time for anime anymore. Follow on Twitter


Game developer and web designer. In my spare time, I enjoy learning about the newest developments in the anime and gaming world. During working hours, I work on video games, websites, and social media marketing projects. Hope you enjoy my articles! (If not, please tell me why...)


I am a casual anime enthusiast, and a contributor on a certain KanColle fan page. Thanks to the aforementioned franchise and a long time of playing the game, I became interested on stuff about WW2 and started watching and reading materials, including anime, related to it. Hence, I am now slowly becoming a gunji otaku. During my free time, sometimes I write short stories but I never managed to finish anyone of them. :V

Angelo C

Content Manager / Master Writer


UltraMunch Lead Editor. I enjoy teaching others about Japanese culture, health, and fashion! I love anything fluffy and cuddly. Speaks, sings, breathes anime. Follow on Twitter


Madly in love with anime and football...... it's disturbing.


I'm 22.I don't have a story for you to read because I don't know the sequel to my life.The only thing I have right now is the prequel and we all know a prequel without the sequel is just the Quel.. so NO!


Thank you very much for all your support so far, especially for those of you who are generous enough to become subscribers of Horacchi Channel.

John C

Super weeb. Can not even name one anime that I have never heard of.

Jon Lacelle

Long time nerd of many types and tastes, considered and often controversial opinions, and lover of debate.

Katie G

A weeb writer with a master's degree. Also known as the Otaku Analyst.


On a mandatory lookout for the next big thing in anime and games. Giant robots seems to be doing the trick though...


Fanatic to the extreme. When I'm not busy writing about or playing games, I can be found nerding out over mixed martial arts, heavy metal, and molecular gastronomy.

Lorenz Jan Clement

I go by Lo. I kind of watch anime and other nerd culture stuff. Also a writer for Comic Book Resources, and



I like long walks on the beach. Just kidding, I'm actually terrified of stepping in the water myself. But I do like fries. Or any form of the potato.


I’m a 22 year old Anime blogger, currently studying for my masters in finance and control. To be honest, I have absolutely no desires to become a taxman. I am just an ordinary guy with everything to lose!