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Art Contest: AnimeWorld x GamingWorld Theme (July 2019)

Art Contest: AnimeWorld x GamingWorld Theme (July 2019)

By popular request we have decided to host another art contest, this time, it is a true artwork contest and not merely a design contest.

Contest Prize

The contest winner shall be able to pick 1 of 2 prize options:

Illustration purposes only
Extra Prize Option 1

AnimeWorld Gift Box, this may include: posters, wallscrolls, figures, keychains, etc, which AnimeWorld has sold at various anime conventions.  (USA Winners = Free Shipping, International = Calculated Rate Shipping.)

GamingWorld is still too new of a brand, so we don’t have a “GamingWorld” prize box to give out at this time!

Extra Prize Option 2

(Ideal for International Winner) $50 Amazon Gift Card. (No Shipping Fee)

*There will only be one winner for this contest, however honorable mentions and other noteworthy art pieces and small prizes may be awarded or featured in our winner announcement post! 

Contest Theme: Anime vs Gaming

Artwork submissions should represent the theme and include the two mascots within the artwork in some way. They could be competing against each other or they could be friends, they could be comparing their accessories or room designs, it is completely up to you.

Artwork will be graded on various criteria, including:

  • Character Artwork
  • Background Artwork
  • Theme Relevancy
  • Names (Neither of these mascots have official names yet!!!)

You can choose to draw one or the other or BOTH mascots in the same artwork. The choice is yours. But ideally the entry should include both characters and a background.

The Mascots

Artists can change the clothing, hair style, accessories, etc, of these character if they want, as long as they are still recognizable as the mascots (to be determined by the contest judges).

AnimeWorld Mascot

The Original AnimeWorld Mascot Design Sheet

Personality: Hates Weebs, but secretly is a weeb and likes to collect anime figures, posters, etc. Loves sushi and ice cream. Confident most of the time. Her room is mostly filled with manga, anime figures, and plushies.

GamingWorld Mascot

This is our newest mascot, unfortunately we do not have a “specs” sheet for her, but you can go off this design.

Personality: Loves cats, loves playing video games (duh!), stays inside her room most of the time, can be very competitive when playing games, very shy and socially awkward outside. Loves Halo, Zelda, Kojima, and Minecraft. On the side, she also enjoys playing Yu-Gi-Oh with her friends (but she’s embarrassed about it in public). Her room contains a dream gaming setup, cats, and a mini fridge / microwave for her unhealthy drinking and eating habits.

Step 2: Submit Your Entry

1. Post your artwork to your own social media channel or official art page (DeviantArt, Instagram, Facebook Page, Twitter, etc.)

2. In the description of your post make sure to include this text somewhere in your post:

“This is my Entry for the UltraMunch GamingWorld vs AnimeWorld 2019 Art Contest”

See Also

as well as using the hashtag #UltraMunch 

3. Lastly, in order to make sure your entry is counted, be sure to share a URL to your post on our official contest post in the comments below. AND/OR we highly recommend submitting your artwork to our DeviantArt contest folder HERE.

Be sure to submit your entry before Midnight (PST) August 8th, 2019! 

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Similar to our last contest, we will have both a public and private round of voting on the contest.

Guest judges have not been publicly announced yet.

In this contest there is a possibility for up to three (3) winners to be chosen, however at least a minimum of one (1) grand prize winner shall be decided.


Since so many people have requested this, we will make an update to the competition which allows you to choose to draw either BOTH or choose only ONE of the characters to draw. However, a full detailed background is still required regardless of choice.

Due to special circumstances regarding lack of ability to post and promote this on FB for several weeks, we decided to extend the competition slightly. The new deadline is August 8th, 2019.


  1. This contest is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Facebook, Amazon, UltraMunch Clients, Sponsors, or Affiliates, or any other social media outlets or 3rd parties, including companies or manufacturers of the prize(s).
  2. Option 1 Extra price is estimated to be valued around $50 – $150. Option 2 Extra prize is valued at $25. Winner may only choose one of the prize options, subject to availability. International shipping fees may be required if prize ships internationally.
  3. This is a fan art contest of an original character design owned by UltraMunch Media. There is no luck or chance involved in this contest. No purchase necessary.
  4. The Winner will be announced via AnimeWorld / GamingWorld official social media channels. If the winner does not respond within one week, a new winner shall be selected.
  5. By joining this contest and submitting art, the entrant and selected winner agrees that the artwork and design they are submitting is completely of their own original design. Any copyright infringement or stolen designs will result in immediate disqualification. The entrant is responsible for their own artwork design standards.
  6. UltraMunch Media, AnimeWorld, GamingWorld, and its employees, owners, sponsors, affiliates, and staff shall not be held liable if the winning design is found to infringe upon copyrights or IP, or otherwise not genuinely of the entrant’s or Winner’s own original design.
  7. By joining this contest and submitting art, the entrant and selected winner agrees that any and all artwork and designs they have submitted to the contest may be reposed or hosted on UltraMunch / AnimeWorld / GamingWorld properties and websites without any further consideration, compensation, or consent. The copyright and ownership of the artwork still belongs to the original artist and they may host it on their social media platforms, create or sell limited prints, or otherwise utilize the submitted artwork on their portfolio. The artwork submitted shall be considered “fan art” and fall under appropriate fan art considerations as UltraMunch / AnimeWorld / GamingWorld are the IP holders of the mascots.
  8. Entry must be submitted before August 8th, 2019 (PST) any entry submitted after that date, it will be at the sole discretion of the contest judges / host if they want to accept the entry or not.
  9. Entrants and Winner can freely post their submitted artwork anywhere on social media or for their personal portfolio usage.
  10. We maintain the right to disqualify any entries that are found to be inappropriate, infringing, blatantly not following the design prompt, or otherwise found not eligible for the contest.
  11. The final decision for the Winner shall be chosen at the sole discretion of the contest judges / contest host.
  12. Winner assumes all responsibilities for prize including supplying the proper shipping address (or email address if GiftCard option is selected) and any customs or import duty taxes / fees that may be incurred. UltraMunch Media (and its owners and affiliates) are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage, injury, loss of health, money, or any damages arising from the gift, products, or prize(s) or any damage during shipping or transit of the prize(s).
  13. Terms subject to change without notice. Void where prohibited.

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