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Aoashi Anime Reveals Cast, Staff, and Teaser Video

Aoashi Anime Reveals Cast, Staff, and Teaser Video

Great news for fans of football- or soccer- whatever you call it! The official website for the television anime of Yūgo Kobayashi‘s Aoashi manga unveiled the anime’s first teaser promotional video, as well as its first visual, cast, staff, and premiere date.

Production I.G works on anime production with Akira Sato (RELEASE THE SPYCE) as Director.


The anime will premiere on the NHK Educational (E Tele) channel in April 2022.

The manga has won several awards such as winning in the General category in the 65th Shogakukan Manga Awards. Its latest 26th tankobon volume is set to be released in Japan on November 12, 2021.


The plot is described as thus:

Ashito Aoi, a junior high school student living in Ehime Prefecture, is the ace of a weak soccer team. On the day he loses his last junior high school tournament, he is running on the beach to vent his frustration. Then he meets a man who was watching the game. That man, Tatsuya Fukuda, is the coach of the Youth Team, an organization that trains high school students at Tokyo City Esperion FC, one of the leading clubs in the J-League. Fukuda sees infinite potential in Ashito, who has a special talent despite his rough edges, and begins to talk about his own ambition. “I have ambitions, and with the club I’ve built, I’ll take on the world. It’s not a stepping stone to the world. My club is the world. Youth is responsible for all of that ambition.” Ashito accepts Fukuda’s invitation and decides to go to Tokyo to take the entrance exam.

New Visual, sourced from Twitter


The cast includes Kōki Ohsuzu as Ashito Aoi, Tatsumaru Tachibana as Eisaku Ohtomo, Seiichirō Yamashita as Sōichirō Tachibana, Taku Yashiro as Keiji Togashi, Shun Horie as Kanpei Kuroda, Wataru Katō as Martis Jun Asari, Junya Enoki as Yūma Motoki, and Kentarō Kumagai as Ryūichi Takeshima.

The staff consists of the following individuals:

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  • Director: Akira Sato
  • Series composition: Masahiro Yokoya
  • Soccer supervision: Kenichi Takeshita, Jun Soga, Kenji Iizuka
  • Character design: Manabu Nakatake, Toshie Kawamura, Asuka Yamaguchi, Saki Hasegawa
  • Sub character design: Naho Kiyoike, Yukiko Watabe, Miho Daidoji, Eisuke Shirai
  • Chief Animation Directors: Manabu Nakatake, Asuka Yamaguchi
  • Prop design: Arisa Ito, Miori Tsusaka
  • Color design: Emiko Ueno
  • Art Directors: Tsukasa Kakizakai, Yusuke Takeda
  • Art design: Kazushige Kanehira, Iizou
  • 2D works: Akiko Hamanaka
  • Pre-visualization: Masatada Maejima
  • 3D: Sigma Morimoto
  • Director of Photography: Maiko Imazeki
  • Editing: Yoshinori Murakami
  • Sound Director: Shoji Hata
  • Music: Masaru Yokoyama
  • Animation production: Production I.G

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