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AnimeWorld X GamingWorld Art Contest 2019 Winner Announcement!

AnimeWorld X GamingWorld Art Contest 2019 Winner Announcement!

After running the previous contest to decide the design for the newest mascot to our family, the GamingWorld mascot, we decided that the AnimeWorld mascot and the GamingWorld mascot (names TBD) needed to be drawn together for the first time!

Note: Due to popular request, the rules were later modified to allow entries that only drew ONE of the characters instead of both, as long as there was still a full BG included.

The Winners Have Been Decided

We decided to invite one of our favorite artists (who we have been working with for many years now), Hyanna Natsu, to help judge the entries.

Hyanna Natsu

Be sure to check out her YouTube channel for awesome speed painting videos and tutorials!

Third Place – FatimaMurtada

Third Place Entry by “FatimaMurtada”

This is a cool entry and the timing seemed just right since we had just gotten back from Anime Expo shortly after announcing this contest!

I like this one because GamingWorld mascot simply ran into the other mascot and now she is all uneasy for being caught off guard, displaying all her love towards anime! Haha it’s funny! I also love the cosplay accessories and the expressions, the smugness on the gamer is priceless! – Hyan

Second Place – Mel B.

Second Place Entry by “Mel B.”

This is an absolutely amazing traditional piece! there is a lot of little creative details added throughout this piece.

Featured in this art piece, it looks like both worlds, anime and games are stopping a big battle to get together and try to restart from ground zero. The errors on the screens, and the broken pieces makes it looks like an intense scene. Absolutely amazing that it was done on paper too, the colors and lighting are well done, love the dynamic here. – Hyan

Honorable Mentions

Here are additional picks from the  judges!

Honorable Mention 1 – HaerdoChan

AnimeWorld UltraMunch GamingWorld mascot fan art
Entry by HaerdoChan

I love the expressions there and the simple addition of posters on the wall, quite effective! – Hyan

Honorable Mention 2 – Uruchiha

gaming world animeworld ultramunch ultra munch fan art contest entry
Entry by Uruchiha

I absolutely love the clean and bubbly style of this art. The back light around the characters and their faces are so cute!

Honorable Mention 3 – TheIsaneArtist

animeworld gamingworld ultramunch fan art
Entry by TheIsaneArtist

(Brightened from the original for better clarity.) I love the facial expressions here. It looks like they are inside a shop looking at some items that they want to buy for themselves. I also love the change in outfits to more casual attire.

See More Entries!

If you want to see more entries, you can check out our DeviantArt group here.

Note: Not all the entries are present within the group, don’t worry, we still received all entries which were posted in the comments of our official entry page, on our Facebook Group, or using the proper hashtags!

Not everyone who entered had a DeviantArt account. If you would like your artwork featured in the DeviantArt group, feel free to submit it to our folder!


First Place – Cappu Ci

First Place Entry by “Cappu Ci”

This is an beautiful representation of a gamer’s room. Multiple screens opened, lots of plushies and references, and of course, food! This is a very familiar scene for most gamers.

See Also

The mascot is looking absolutely adorable! Her face is cute along with the pretty shading of the hair and eyes. While she takes off her headphones, it adds such a nice moment to this; as if she is stopping to listen to you! Also bonus points for paying attention to the fact that we’re seeing her with a dream gaming setup! With such a well done background we can see the attention to detail, great drawing! – Hyan

We loved this entry so much! This entry seemed to capture the emotion, the personality, and accurately portrays the original design of the GamingWorld mascot down to all the small details in her clothing.

This entry did well in terms of the level of detail, accuracy, and representation of the idea we were going for!


I want to thank everyone for the support they have given to us throughout the years.

We have come a long way from being a random meme posting page on Facebook to what we are today.

It is because of the support that we received from our fans that we have been able to come this far.

Artists are still welcome to draw fan art of our characters, and if you send it to us (assuming it’s appropriate), we can feature it on our page!

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