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AnimeWorld New Mascot Design and Fan Art Contest

AnimeWorld New Mascot Design and Fan Art Contest

The official mascot design has been made for AnimeWorld! You can view the design spec sheet below.

Details about the AnimeWorld Mascot

Name: Unknown ???
Age: Over 18
Personality: She is the undeserving queen of the anime world. A bit spoiled but also very mischievous and smart.
Favorite color: Blue
Waifu: Haruhi
Husbando: Trumpo Desu
Is she rich? Yes, very
Is she smart? Kind of
Does she like me? No. Only if you buy something from the shop. Not even LIKING the Facebook page makes a difference.

Creator: Andrew Taraba
Designed by: Collateral Damage Studios 
Additional help from: LaDollBlanche 
Voted on by: The AnimeWorld and AnimeWorldUnite fans
Special Thanks to the Anime Artists group on Facebook.

Amazing Fan Art Ahead!

Because there was no “grand prize” for this contest, these fan arts are displayed in no particular order.

That being said, the first fan art displayed would be my top pick if this were a competition! <3

Love it!!! <3
Artist: Candychoo 

Simple, but cute and curvy!
Artist: Mangerusama

Cute half chibi half, normal design! Good shading!
Artist: OCcookieClub

It’s a small detail, but the shading / lighting on the skin tones and dress is superb!
Artist: Saemidesu 

This was actually one of the first submissions we received, although the dress color isn’t perfect, it’s still kawaii!
Artist: Alexandra

Those are some juicy legs! <3
Artist: Angerikka  

See Also

Really solid line art and details, love it!
Artist: Nayrie Moon  (No DeviantArt or artist social media)

Nice strokes and shading. Almost looks like it was hand drawn!
Artist: Haelcius

Traditional piece! This artist only uses highlighters, so the pink skin comes from that!
Artist: ShiroHanaDraws

Cute tooth and pose! Great art!
Artist: Ithieldaer

Thank you for the fan art!

For future fan art submissions, please feel free to submit art at our DeviantArt group! 

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