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AnimeFest 2021 Goes Virtual

AnimeFest 2021 Goes Virtual

The Dallas anime and manga convention, AnimeFest, has had its physical event for 2021 canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The annual Dallas AnimeFest, which first launched in 1992, has been canceled for the second year in a row.

At least, there will be a virtual event and AnimeFest may even surprise us with an event later in the year.

Virtual Event Specifics

The related GameFest convention has also been canceled.

In place of the planned in-person convention, the staff will stream a free AnimeFest Virtual Celebration event on July 31. The staff is also working with the convention’s regular hotel to see if they can plan an event for later this year.

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Per AnimeFest, the AnimeFest Virtual Celebration will be free for all, but they will accept donations to help keep AnimeFest going for years to come.

Will you be streaming the virtual event?

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