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Anime is for Kids and You are a Man Child

Anime is for Kids and You are a Man Child

You will never be a real adult. You have no job, you have no girlfriend, you have no money. You are a perverted man twisted by anime and hentai into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back the corporations mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

Society is utterly repulsed by you. You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake “LOL XD” every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

You are a disgusting weeb and a child living in a man’s body!

In May 2020, I predicted this!

As much as I hate to admit it, I was right.

You guys never fail to disappoint me (and your parents).

Anime and Hentai is Becoming Indistinguishable in 2021

We have all seen the recent controversy around Redo of Healer, an anime which reportedly depicts the main protagonist (as a hero) brutally raping and murdering girls in great detail.

This was actually a prophesy I made last year, that anime would become increasingly degenerate AND that the degenerate anime community would welcome it with open arms.

Censored, sorry weebs you probably already seen this 5 times anyways

As much as it pains me to say it, I was right!

Unironic, these people are serious not joking.

I predicted that anime fans would be into “rape”

In May 2020, I posted this article, where I performed an interesting social experiment.

The hypothesis: If I posted an anime image that appeared as if a girl was being in an uncomfortable, rape-like sexual encounter, without any further context, weebs on facebook would demand the “sauce” for it.

The result: I was right… Again.

I posted the results of my social experiment to Reddit and unsurprisingly, there was a fury of angry comments and the post was deleted.

However, since this new show has sparked controversy, a quick perusing of a discussion on Reddit breeds some mixed results.

Is there finally hope for the community?

“If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, what’s the big deal?”

This is often an argument weebs bring up. It implies that the community and the production companies are not intertwined.

The fact is, the fan reception will dictate what the companies produce.

Anime is no longer “art”, it’s an industry, a money making machine, and corporations don’t like taking risks.

As anime becomes increasingly corporatized, and as YOU, the fans respond positively to such content, the cycle will fulfill itself and anime will become increasingly degenerate as time goes on.

The fact that the light novel sold nearly 100,000+ copies should be an indication of where this industry is going. Low effort, edginess is being rewarded; positive reinforcement will take its course.

Anime is becoming increasingly “corporatized” and degenerate. The only way to stop it (if you actually care) is not to “ignore it” but to make sure that garbage shows are criticized and that the people watching it are shameful to the community. You, one person, merely “ignoring” it will only put you on the outside while the genre continues to grow in an echo chamber.

The community has to kick back against such degeneracy AND reward great content at the same time.

Question for you degenerate weebs

  1. Would you watch this show in front of your parents or would you minimize the screen the moment your dad walks in the basement?
  2. If you caught your (hypothetical) son or daughter / younger sibling watching this show, would you reprimand them or encourage them to continue watching it? Would you tell them that they are a “true man of culture LOL”
  3. If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, unironically, then put your money where your mouth is, and post the image below publicly on your personal facebook for all your friends and family to see. I dare you…

What? You won’t do it? Even though you acted edgy a second ago, talking about how you are so strong and mature for consuming this content!

What happened? Post it!

If you actually post it…

It’s because you have no friends in real life who are worried or concerned with you (the mob will support you). Most likely your FB profile image is an anime character.

If you don’t post it…

That means you know deep down inside that there is something sick about this content, you know that you personally don’t want to be associated with, but dawn your mask whenever you are online.

What is really dark? What is inside of YOU!

I think most of you weebs, deep down inside, fantasize that you could actually be in the main character’s position.

In real life you are weak, poor, minimum wage worker (if even that), but anime provides a perverted fantasy for you to escape reality and imagine yourself in a better life. That’s dark!

Stop rotting your mind and your morals, and start making a better life for yourself!

“You’re just being a hater / SJW!”

People are entitled to their opinions and I do not support censorship in any way, but it’s just sad, as an OG anime boomer, to witness the singlehanded destruction of the creative medium. Maybe this wouldn’t be a problem if there was balance, but running a large social media platform and having access to millions of user’s worth of data, I can tell you there is no balance here. There’s a tremendous imbalance in what content gets the most traction and I think you know it too!

Projecting their “interactions” with normies. In reality they would never say this.

The few good shows that are out currently are mere shadows in the overall discussion. Online discussion and interest leads to viewership and sales, and sales breed more garbage content.

Anime has always been a little bit perverted. There has always been edgy shows and lewd fan arts, but even the edgy shows back in the day has substance and heart behind the story. Now, the Studio behind Elfen Lied has shut down!

Sure, the anime “industry” might be bigger than it’s ever been before, but when the masses take hold of something, it means that the bar needs to be lowered, not raised!

It’s OK because the story justifies it as “revenge” (or it’s just a cartoon bro chill out)

So first you said people should ignore it if they don’t like it, implying that preferences are subjective and everyone has their own thing.

However, now that you have been challenged with the morality of the situation, you changed your stance, stating that it’s actually objectively morally OK because the story justifies it as revenge? (Or because it’s a work of fiction.)

What is it? Is it objectively OK or should people who don’t like it just ignore it because it’s subjective? It can’t be BOTH!

Your childish mind is conveniently contradicting itself to protect you from the truth of what kind of sick, degusting human you are. See the truth and face the darkness inside of you.

The real darkness is coming face to face with the primal instincts and desire of man.

These jokes and memes merely mask the underlying darkness of humanity. This is the true grim reality.

You need to decide as a thinking adult, whether it’s OK or NOT OK and you need to stick by that standard, not change your morals based on what’s convenient for you.

…or maybe… perhaps you think it’s okay because anime is actually a cartoon right?

But isn’t being edgy a risk for anime companies?

If you follow what I am saying, then the answer is no. Actually, this is the trend.

Trust me, I manage our social media which gets millions of reach per week, I think I have a good data sample to confidently say that I know what type of boobielicious content gets the most attention and what stuff barley gets any attention.

Example: Anime Artists get more attention when they “lewd” characters

If a random, unknown anime artist posts their unique, original character art, nobody will bat an eye.

Conversely, if a random anime artist lewds a popular waifu, it’s almost guaranteed to get hundreds of likes and shares!

Can’t identify with true talent, less talent is more relatable to the masses

Even if it’s not a popular character, a lot of the comments will be asking for the “sauce.” So lewding is usually a win situation, positive reinforcement, which breeds the kind of dumbed down content we see today where perverseness is a substitute for story.

Having a good story or a unique design takes effort.

Being edgy, sexy, or just lewding something is almost guaranteed to get results on social media and takes virtually no creative or original thought to do so. Should I perform another social experiment to prove my point?

“Rape is real, it happens in real life, it’s dark”

This is true. However there is a distinct difference between something that is “dark” and something that is trying to be “edgy.”

They think it makes you more “grown up” to watch this stuff

These misguided kids thing that watching “edgy” rape show makes them more adult.

Being exposed to the horrors of life makes you more of an adult, yes. Watching edgy stuff as a contest or as a right of passage to prove that you’re “adult” is exactly the kind of thing a child would do!


Gritty, based on reality, reminds us of the true horrors in life and teaches a valuable lesson to cherish life and what you have. (Sometimes it’s paired with gruesome imagery, but that’s not a supplement for a real story.)

The visual isn’t as important as the meaning. Just because it’s bloody doesn’t mean it’s dark!


Cheap thrill, merely attempts to emulate “dark” themes but in an immature and unintelligent way that the masses can easily recognize or react to.

Often “edgy” themes are used as a supplement for actual content and as a way to drive cheap traffic and clicks.

The visual element is highly emphasized for “shock value” as the intended audience wouldn’t be able to comprehend or handle any deeper meaning or underlying message.

It is the equivalent of some noob calling a “horror” movie filled with nothing but cheap jump scares, scary. The jump scares are cheap, easy to make, and profitable. Writing a true dark horror is difficult, niche, and risky from a financial point of view. (So we can’t fight against the market can we? No, that’s why the future for anime is bleak.)

Don’t confuse “Edgy” for “Dark”

While rape is a real thing that happens in life, it isn’t gloried or turned into comedic memes that a degenerate community of man children and actual children / teenagers can casually joke about online.

I agree that joking about certain topics can help lighten up an otherwise dark world and nothing is really “off limits” for jokes, but you should know the context of what you are joking about.

Degeneracy or “shock value” as a right of passage

Not just regurgitating some garbage you have no understanding about because you think you’ll get “edgy” points on social media. That’s what makes you a child and not an adult, you don’t even understand the things you joke about.

The entertainment we consume as children really shapes our personalities and life outlooks, are we setting a great example for the younger generations? Is some sick, twisted perverted manga / LN writer really the ones who should be shaping the morality of our society?

Why is anime for kids?

Most of the people in the comments section here are not adults, and even the ones who are older than 18+ are not “real” adults.

Look at yourself in the mirror. You’re a 20+ year old, jobless, single, living with your parents. The number next to your age is meaningless because you are a child.

Blood? Rape? Shock Value? Yes, very childish indeed.

Your outlook on life is childish. You simply follow the trend and only perform actions that you think are socially acceptably by your degenerate niche.

This is basically like a teenager who smokes and drinks and thinks they are “adults” now because they simulate adult experiences. You are not an adult for consuming “adult” material.

Hentai Exists in the World

Porn, hentai, weird fetishes, these are all things that exist in our dark world and will always exist. I’m not some “karen” who wants to shut it down.

What I am after is the dishonest anime community of children that can’t admit what they are really into. An adult would be able to admit that it’s wrong, that it’s perverted, and say that they still watch it because they are imperfect beings.

A child has to make up all sorts of excuses / defenses to justify their perverted fantasies.

This is actually what it means to be an adult. See yourself for who you are and face it or if you don’t like it, then change! You don’t have to be into something because you think others will make fun of you.

Hentai FOMO is real in the anime community, and it’s cringey!

See Also

Mob Mentality Degrades Morals

Alone, an individual might not hurt a fly, but if surrounded by an angry mob, they might join in hurling stones and even kill someone.

That is exactly what is happening here with the anime community. More people are seen as “liking” something which society is supposed to hate.

This is true on so many levels.

The anime mob gets a high off being part of something that is supposed to be socially unacceptable.

The fact is: Anime has become mainstream, the barrier to entry has never been lower.

You try as hard as you can to be part of an exclusive niche community by posting the most edgy content you can, but it doesn’t work because the mob joins in too, so your only hope is to continue pushing it more and more until eventually you don’t even recognize yourself anymore.

Should we “shelter” the kids?

Recall back to your younger years, when you were more innocent. If you ever came across a gore / porn post online, you might be repulsed or sickened by it.

However, if you were ever with a group of guys and you pulled that same content up, the same content might have a completely different effect on you.

This is precisely the effect that is happening with social media and all these borderline / actual rape memes and shows.

Some say that you need to expose more people to it so it isn’t seen as such a taboo, but actually this just makes it more prominent and the culture degrades. Look at ancient history, learn from the past!

As I stated above, being exposed to the real reality of the world makes you an adult. Perverting it, celebrating it, glorifying it, degrades society (and the industry)!

Nothing is off limits, I hate censorship!

I’m not saying “rape” is off limits, but I am saying that a bunch of kids on social media joking around about it, consuming senseless content about it, and reaching peak social media interest: is most likely a problem that will impact society when these kids try to become functioning adults in society.

How will the remodels of today impact the kids of the future? We know TV shows and entertainment shape the minds of the young people.

You must be strong. You must be vigilant. Don’t trade in your morality for social acceptance.

I’m not saying you aren’t allowed to watch this show or even enjoy it, but you have to have a right mind and mature life outlook going into it. The show itself doesn’t present itself in a mature manner, which is also a problem, but you the viewer have more power than anything else.

If it was classified as “Hentai” everything would be better

We wouldn’t have this problem if they simply re-classified this as hentai instead of anime, there would be pretty much no controversy.

However the fact that they keep trying to push the boundaries between anime and hentai may lead to some dangerous repercussions for the community. While I strongly believe in freedom of speech and would never support censorship, you can see around the world, censorship happening of anime at an alarming rate.

This global censorship only means LESS money, tighter budgets, which means the studios have to actually keep stooping lower and lower to get what the attention and money they need to survive.

The existence of hentai can not be stopped. That’s not the problem. The issue is that you weebs are being dishonest with yourselves and with the community.

You don’t watch it for the story. Give me a break!

You watch it to get an erotic feeling.

If you simply call it “hentai” and admit that you “are a man of culture” then it’s no problem!

But because the anime community is split between those who actually care about the story and those who just want to have a simulated experience with a 2D woman, there in lies the problem!

If you just admit that you watch it for your own sick perverted kicks, then there isn’t really an issue here. You’re being morally consistent with yourself and honest.

But because the community so vehemently tries to defend it, pretend they are watching it because they are “adults,” and try desperately to morally justify it by all means except to simply admit that they themselves are perverts, here is the problem!

Face yourself and admit your flaws, you’ll feel a lot better than dawning this “ironic” mask of being an “adult anime” fan and being an emberassment.

So what now? Is anime doomed?

Censorship is always wrong in my opinion. But if you have more than 2 braincells and can see where this industry is headed, you should make sure that your voice is heard and you are putting your money where the quality is. Simply ignoring it won’t make it go away.

It’s not just anime

The anime industry used to be a beautiful medium of telling an enthralling story, now it’s basically become barley an alternative to hentai. I think we can do better than this.

It’s only going to get worse

With the degenerate trend on the rise and easy money to be made milking perverted weebs (like you), the outlook for creative and deep and meaningful content does not look good.

Especially with V-tubers, VR, and degeneracy becoming more and more accessible to the masses; I think you can predict exactly where things are headed.

Source: K-On!

The only hope is to support independent and wholesome creators, both socially and financially.

Don’t stand for garbage! Fixing this creative medium starts with rewarding the good content and punishing bad content!

Maybe it sounds like I hate anime, but I don’t! I hate the current state of the industry and the toxic childish, weeb community, but deep down I do love the creative medium and the true anime fans, and I hope to see it thrive in the future!

I hope there is a change in the tide, but based on all the data I have seen, my hopes probably don’t align with reality.

It would be foolish to argue against capitalism. It just works.

Degeneracy takes over as corporations strive for efficient and easy profits. Look at Hollywood and Netflix shows. They don’t care about the “art” behind it, they will follow the profits until they milk every last idea and concept.

Most likely a new medium or form of entertainment (such as VR, Gaming, or Crypto or some new entertainment medium) will become the new niche thing that anime once was in the 90’s and 2000’s, until it eventually becomes ruined by the masses and corporations who jump in on it.

Then the cycle repeats.

What’s the best anime of the season right now?

So you don’t want to support degenerate garbage? Great.

Sit back and let me show you a real anime, perhaps the greatest anime of this season!

Yes, this is what real men of culture watch and genuinely enjoy!

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