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Anime Fans Mourn Keiji Fujiwara as he Passes Away at 55

Anime Fans Mourn Keiji Fujiwara as he Passes Away at 55

The death of Keiji Fujiwara, voice actor of Tony Stark in Japanese dubbed Iron Man Marvel movies, was reported on Thursday by Air Agency.

Keiji Fujiwara founded his own talent management and production agency (Air Agency) in 2006. The cause of death was reportedly cancer.

The exceptional voice actor was 55 years at the time of his death and in proper Japanese fashion, his family held a private wake and funeral.

Fujiwara’s incredible talent was on display in a lot of projects, apart from the Iron man role that made him famous, he also appeared in Fullmetal Alchemist where he voiced Mae’s Hughes. He was the voice of Hiroshi Nohara in Crayon Shin- Chan.

Among his other works are Axel in Kingdom Hearts, Ardyn in Final Fantasy XV, Leorio in Hunter X Hunter, Holland in Eureka Seven, and several other roles in Death Note, Gundam 00, Blue exorcist and Granblue Fantasy. He had a very impressive resume which included a lot more projects.

Keiji Fujiwara was born in Tokyo, he began his voice acting career in 1983. In 2016 he briefly took a break from acting to treat an unspecified illness, he made his return to the industry the next year.

Fujiwara was one of Japan’s leading voice actors as his versatility and talent put him right at the top of the industry. He will be greatly missed by fans of the Anime and Gaming industry.

Fans Mourn Keiji Fujiwara

Fans on Twitter and reddit took to the internet after the news of his death, to pay their last respects. His colleagues such as Sung Won Cho also took to these platforms to express their sadness.

Some tributes from Twitter…

His representative said “Our representative director and voice actor Keiji Fujiwara passed away at the age of 55 on April 12, 2012, while he is still fighting for some cancer”

While the industry mourns, let us know which of his performances were the best for you. We send our best wishes to his friends and family.

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