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Animangaki 2018 – What You Should Expect?

Animangaki 2018 – What You Should Expect?

Alright guys, so we have Animangaki happening at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this coming weekend!

Do you feel excited yet? I know many of cosplayers especially in Malaysia are really looking forward for this event.


Because it’s kinda the biggest event that targeted towards the cosplayers.

Biggest Cosplay Event in Malaysia?

But… not really….

Now, let’s see what they have under their tentative program…

Animangaki 2018 Schedule
Animangaki 2018 Schedule

As you can see, they have concert!

They have dance party listed there too! So this is not just about cosplay only after all! I think I will come to this event. But before that, as usual, I will check what is the other content that they will provide there? You know, I’m not gonna come there, and then feeling disappointed after that. Maybe we can get excited even more, by checking out what we will face. Kinda like looking forward to it.

The Guest?

I think most of the people that come to an event, will always asking this questions first.

“Who’s the guest?”

I mean like, seriously? Will that even make a different? Let’s find out.

Okay, these are the main guests that are invited to the event. Hmm… interesting…

But of course there’s more than that.

See Also

Let’s see more of them… 😛

Saki, Tsunko, Chihiro, Reikomaru
Saki, Tsunko, Chihiro, Reikomaru

Oh my, I don’t even know who are they. of course I’m kidding. 😛 This is getting more exciting now.

Momo, Shimo, Reiko
Momo, Shimo, Reiko

I’m almost falling from my chair when I see these sections of the booklet that they gave to us. I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda big fans one of them. 😉 And I know that is not just me. I’m sure many of the fans are happy that they will come to Animangaki this year. Any of you guys plan to come yet? not yet? Hmm… for me this is enough but there’s actually more like… //cough //cough found out ourself will ya? 😆

All The Doujin Booth

Hunt your favourite merchandise! The second things that I do check out when coming to an event is their doujin booth! I mean we should support our local artist don’t we? This is the beginning of all anime! At Anime World, we are supporting doujins and stuff like that. So please do check out our shops too! There’s a lot of doujin stuffs there that we sell. 🙂

Doujin Booth List 1
Doujin Booth List 1
Doujin List 2
Doujin List 2

Alright guys, that’s all for now.

If you see me on the event, do a shout out and I’ll take your photos and maybe we will post that to our page. 😉

Have fun guys.

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