Advertising Terms of Service

Advertising Terms of Service

By advertising on or through UltraMunch owned social media channels and partnerships, the party who paid UltraMunch a direct monetary amount for any sort of promotion (The Advertiser), agree to be bound to the Advertising Terms of Service Agreement presented on this page.

Sponsored Social Media Posts 
Sponsored social media posts (“Sponsored Social Media Posts”) consist of postings to UltraMunch owned social media channels or its partners, subsidiaries, or other collaborator’s social media channels, in which UltraMunch is directly paid a monetary amount in exchange for posting such social media posts. Sponsored Social Media Posts shall not be made until payment has been received in full by Once the payment has been received, shall have the sole discretion to create the posting in any way it deems appropriate. Advertiser agrees that there is no warranty on the longevity of the posts, there is no guarantee that the social media website might not delete or remove the content. There is no guarantee that UltraMunch may not remove the Sponsored Social Media Posts if it deems that the partnership has damaged or may damage the reputation of Removal of the Sponsored Social Media Posts does not warrant a refund of any kind. All Sponsored Social Media Posts shall have an indication of a “sponsorship”, “partnership”, “promotion”, “advertisement”, or other reasonable publicly facing indication that the post was paid for, at the sold discretion of the team. The Advertiser agrees that there shall be no performance guarantees or guarantee of clicks, sales, or other type of performances through the Sponsored Social Media Posts.

Sponsored Articles 
Sponsored Articles are articles in which The Advertiser has paid a direct monetary amount in exchange to promote their business or product or interests on a blog post featured on or other owned web properties. These may also include Sponsored Placings within a “top list” article or other type of blog posting. The same terms which apply to Sponsored Social Media Posts, shall also apply to Sponsored Articles. In addition, especially in the case of “top list” style articles, it is generally understood and agreed upon that competitors or other brand companies may be also featured in these articles or present on the page through 3rd party generated advertising and recommended articles from our website.

Sponsored Videos
Sponsored Videos are any video or media content in which The Advertiser has paid a direct monetary amount to to promote The Advertiser. Sponsored Videos may come in the form of live streams on any social media channel, hosted video media, or types of multimedia content hosted on the world wide web. The same terms which apply to Sponsored Media Posts shall also apply to Sponsored Videos.

Any Sponsorship
In any case in which has been paid a direct monetary amount in exchange to promote The Advertiser, The Advertiser agrees that their logo, likeness, name, presence, and indication of a partnership/sponsorship, shall be publicly disclosed and displayed in any manner deemed appropriate by the team which may accompany the sponsored content or be disclosed / presented in any other manner on the owned websites or social media platforms. This is an irrevocable license for UltraMunch to display The Advertiser’s logo and reasonable media content on the website and other owned properties.

Limitation of Liability
UltraMunch, and its employees, contractors, owners, and partners shall not be held liable for any content violations, copyright, loss of profits or health, death or sickness, or any damages or injury or any other direct, punitive or incidental damages or disputes relating to the services rendered, both during and after the termination of this agreement. It is accepted and understood that the copyright rules, community guidelines, and/or other policies of the various social media platforms and the social media platform’s enforcement of their platform rules are outside of the reasonable control of UltraMunch.

Banner Ads
All banner ad content is subject to any and all copyright, piracy, and/or applicable laws. Do not use 3rd party logos or IP that you do not have express written permission to use in advertising media or content. In some cases, we may require proof of permission to utilize advertising. Ads may be rejected by our staff for any reason whatsoever at our sole discretion. Any explicit content is expressly forbidden from advertising. Linking to any illegal content, adult content, or otherwise offensive or political content is forbidden. Violations of our advertising terms may result in your advertising account being terminated without notice, further review, consent, or refunds. All sales on banner ads are final.

Ad Rates
Advertising rates may change from time to time. However, for any current ads running, your account should be billed at the original rate. Subsequent or new ads will be billed at the new rate. This is regardless of whether or not the rate is lower or higher than the previous rate.

All advertising fees and payments are final and non-refundable. There is never any guarantee of performance or sales and ultimately the effectiveness of the advertising campaign rests on the buyer.

Force Majeure
Neither party shall be held liable for any default, delay or lapse due to events beyond their control including riot, strike, theft, war, or acts of God and/or nature. 

There shall be no disputes over this agreement. All transactions shall be considered final and non-refundable, and all sponsorship deliveries shall be handled at the sole discretion of 

Subject to Change
The terms of this agreement shall be subject to change without further notice, review, appeal, or consent from The Advertiser.