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A Look into Anime Expo’s Schedule of Events

A Look into Anime Expo’s Schedule of Events

The Anime Expo Lite 2021 schedule is finally here, just in time for the event taking place from July 3 — 4.

The convention is going to be held as an online event for the second year in a row due to the pandemic. While the pandemic is certainly dying down and more businesses are reopening, the convention’s organizers thought it best to postpone the in-person event again.

While the news certainly disappointed many fans, Anime Expo Lite is making up for the loss by having two days jam-packed full of events and guests on their live stream.

Vtuber Guests

Anime Expo Lite will be holding two Vtuber panels with Hololive and NIJISANJI. Hololive will hold a panel that will see Gawr Gura, Watson Amelia, and Takanashi Kiara among others announcing new games and holding contests. NIJISANJI’s Pomu, Elira, and Finana will also make an appearance at the digital convention where they will hold a panel describing the life of a Vtuber.

Up-and-coming Vtuber group, VShojo, will be holding a game show inspired by a Japanese variety show titled The V-Riety Show, so expect a lot of dumb, silly shenanigans during the panel.

Sneak Peeks

The expo will also show a behind-the-scenes look at Studio David Production and their upcoming adaptation of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean on July 3. Two producers of the series will show an in-depth look at the studio behind Jojo, discuss the production of JoJo, and share a special announcement.

The world premiere of the upcoming anime, Shikizakura, will be hosted at Anime Expo where the convention will show the first episode months in advance. The series is set to air in October 2021 as a part of the Fall season, but viewers will get a sneak peek plus a Q&A session with the cast and director.

A new Netflix anime series title, TRESE, will be shown as well, and it’s described as “a love letter to the traditions, heritage, and culture of the Philippines.” It’s an action thriller in which a detective explores the criminal underworld and contends with monsters and ghosts of the Philippines. The writer Budjette Tan, main artist Kajo Baldisimo, and the director Jay Oliva will be in attendance to talk about this new supernatural show.

Third-Party Events

Anime Expo Lite will also hold events by third parties such as a panel featuring long-running Harajuku fashion brand 6%DokiDoki that will be holding a fashion show.

See Also

Multiple musical acts will be there too such as the JO☆STARS, a vocal unit that sings the intros to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, female rock group Morfonica, and school idol project Liella.

Liella will also take the time to discuss their new anime, Love Live! Superstar!!.

Cultural Teachings

Although Anime Expo Lite ends on July 4, events continue to extend into the next day, but these are more centered on teaching aspects of Japanese culture. Viewers on that day can enjoy performances like Arashi no Taiko dance and learn self-defense from the Matsubayashi Dojo of Little Tokyo.

If you want more details on Anime Expo’s schedule as well as the smaller events that I didn’t mention, you can find them on the convention’s website.

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