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5 Rarest Devil Fruits in One Piece

5 Rarest Devil Fruits in One Piece

The world of One Piece is rather fascinating and great if you love out-of-the-box powers. ODA sensei has created a world so vast and wonderful. The devil fruits are mysterious and their powers are fascinating too. Today, we are going to look at the list of devil fruits that are rarest of rare.

Of course, everyone who watches One Piece knows that Mythical Zoan devil fruits are the rarest, but some of the Paramecia fruits and logia can be included in this list.

5) Mochi Mochi no Mi

The Mochi Mochi no Mi or Mochi devil fruits are consumed by Katakuri, the first division commander of the Bigmom pirates. This devil fruit is very interesting. At first glance, it’s a normal paramecia fruit. The Mochi Mochi no Mi is a special Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into mochi. A paramecia fruit that can act like logia at times is surely a treat. 

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4) Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix

One of the Mythical Zoans, the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix, is the devil fruit of the right-hand man of Yonko Whitebeard, Marco. Thanks to this devil fruit, Marco has earned the moniker of ‘Marco the Phoenix’. Apparent by its name, this devil fruit gives Marco the ability to transform into a Phoenix.

Along with the relatively high strength and stamina that Zoans possess, this devil fruit also grants one the special ability to regenerate from any wound within seconds using its ‘blue flames of regeneration’. As such, it is a devil fruit without any weaknesses, and one of the most frightening ones that we’ve seen in the series. According to Kizaru, this devil fruit is even rarer than the fabled logia types.

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3) Ope Ope no Mi

One of the Paramecia types, the Ope Ope no Mi is currently used by Trafalgar Law. This devil fruit gives its users the ability to create rooms, and control the terrain within the room as they like. As pointed out by Marine Vice Admiral Smoker, when in its range, the opponent is like a patient on an operating table.

The Ope Ope no Mi is powerful enough to switch people’s personalities, and what’s more, it can also make someone immortal by performing the perennial youth surgery on them, although the user will have to give up their life in return. The Marines put a price of 5 billion berries on this fruit, which shows how rare it actually is.

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2) Yami Yami no Mi

One of the rarest devil fruits, possibly even among the logia class, the Yami Yami no Mi was eaten by Blackbeard. Using this devil fruit, he gained the power to control darkness as he likes. The biggest advantage of this devil fruit is its ability to nullify everything, even other devil fruit abilities, and maybe even Haki.

Although it appears to be invincible, one of its biggest drawbacks is that it takes away the user’s intangibility as well, which makes it a double-edged sword. Nonetheless, it is considered to be the strongest and most rare logia type devil fruit.

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1) Toki Toki no Mi

At least 830 years ago, Toki ate the fruit and gained the ability to time travel to the future, having used the fruit’s ability to travel and live from one time period to the next, eventually landing herself 30 years before the present where she finally settled down and married Oden.

So far, the fruit’s only strength is the user’s ability to transport themselves and/or others into the future. This can be useful for getting out of dangerous situations.

The user is also apparently able to decide the specific amount of time skipped for each trip. The apparent maximum for traveling to the future is every 20 years, and it’s unknown if the user can travel even further than that.

It is impossible to travel into the past, meaning that any and all trips forward in time are irreversible. Also, the fruit’s power cannot teleport the travelers to other locations, meaning that the user must be careful of where they or others are standing at the moment of the time-jump. Otherwise, the user is affected by the standard devil fruit weaknesses.

Time is a very powerful entity and who knows how powerful and mysterious it can be?!

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