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5 Days to Go Before Anime Japan 2021 Begins on Saturday, March 27

5 Days to Go Before Anime Japan 2021 Begins on Saturday, March 27

The portion open to the public of the world’s largest anime event, AnimeJapan 2021, will be held online on Saturday, March 27, and Sunday, March 28 (Japan time) after a year-long+ hiatus due to the coronavirus.

Official advertisement in Japanese for AnimeJapan 2021, Image Sourced from AnimeJapan 2021

The two-day program is packed with 67 separate showings spread among three “stages”.  You can watch “sneak previews” in Japanese on YouTube to get a sense of what to expect.  Each video is between 2 to 3 minutes.

Infinity Red Stage

Connect Green Stage

Everlasting Blue Stage

Event Ambassador, Takanori Nishikawa, is the Host

The two-day live show will be hosted by 51-year-old musician, Takanori Nishikawa, who goes by the stage name, “T.M. Revolution”.

Japanese musician Takanori Nishikawa, Image Sourced from WHAT’s IN? tokyo

Nishikawa has been at it since the 1980s with the band, TM Network, and is still going strong.  He is also active as a songwriter, record producer, actor, and radio personality.

Nishikawa just released a short introductory video via AnimeJapan 2021’s official Twitter account.  It has sub-titles in English.

High Expectations From Fans

After a year of putting up with the coronavirus, fans are looking forward to attending this year’s event online.  Suzuko tweeted,

“I am looking forward to attending AnimeJapan 2021 on-line!  It was a lot of fun to join with my friends in 2019. I listened to a presentation by FGO Ai Dada, got a sticker from a cosplay artist, and got a close-up look at the full-scale model of the magic sword Gram.  I also visited many other exhibition booths.  I want to go again (even if this year’s event will be virtual).”

The feedback from the last AnimeJapan back in 2019 was certainly positive and bodes well for the pent-up demand surrounding this event.

Rorianu tweeted after the last time AnimeJapan was convened,

“I have participated on both days!  I’m tired, but … it was a lot of fun.  After all I love anime and made good memories at this event.  I want to go again next year.”

The 2019 event was also a great place to gather information about newly released anime and other items coming soon.  Aoi Eiru tweeted,

“The show was really fun!!!  There was a lot more information available, now that the event has been expected to a second day.  I became more and more fond of anime!”

Moeka Koizumi had fun fighting her friend as Ultraman during the live event in 2019.  She posted this video and tweeted,

See Also

“Review of Maho Tomita and Moeka Koizumi:  It was a ‘serious’ fight …There were a lot of cheers around me lol. Thank you for your support Ultraman!  It was fun to be Ultraman together.”

Although this year’s AnimeJapan will only be held virtually, the technology has definitely advanced since the last show.  Thus, even if it will not be possible to visit various exhibition booths in person, the vendors are definitely planning some interactive demos to try on-line.

How to Stream From Overseas

45 of the planned programs will be streamed overseas.  Due to restrictions concerning some broadcasting rights, the program is slightly more limited for those outside Japan.

Live commentary in English will be delivered by the MCs, Ash and Goofy, from the Anime Festival Asia (AFA).  They will be providing updates via the AFA station.

Head to the official English language website to purchase tickets if you will be viewing from the U.S, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macau.

A one-day pass is 3,200 Japanese yen (approximately US $30).  A ticket for both days is 6,100 JPY ($56).  Consult the official English language website for more details on how to purchase tickets:

The AJ Brothers have also prepared a simple explanation as an English language manga.

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