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2020’s Top 5 Anime Ending Songs

2020’s Top 5 Anime Ending Songs

Anime in 2020 was characterized by instability just as much as the rest of the world was. The coronavirus pandemic ensured some anime TV series and films were delayed. The industry still gave us many reasons to smile with high-quality animation, good storytelling, and amazing anime songs.

Anime ending songs (anime ED) are just as important as anime openings, although in most cases, these do not receive the same recognition as the openings. Anime endings can serve the same purpose as the opening but it usually sets the mood for viewers to reflect on the episode and cool off.

This comprehensive list will take us through the better elements of last year, looking at the favorite anime endings that wowed us with amazing songs and astounding visuals.

5. “One Day” by SPYAIR (Haikyu)-

“One Day” is the second ending theme song of the fourth season of the popular volleyball anime, Haikyu. SPYAIR is a popular Pop-Rock band in Japan. The band has worked on a previous theme song for Haikyu and their new collaboration, “One Day”, is a hit that fits this anime perfectly.

4. “Image” by Memai SIREN (Pet)-

Memai SIREN performs the ending song, Image, for Pet anime. The song is produced by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure and is a very catchy tune with dark melodies that suit the eerie psychological thriller feel of this show. The aggressive violin, played by TK, will blow your mind.

3. “Namae no Nai Aoi” by Kami-Sama (Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken)-

This captivating Anisong is performed by a mysterious band with hidden identities. They wear helmets to cover their faces in music videos. The song’s vocals are excellent. Lyrics are superb and complement the frantic pace of the song that adds to the overall “feel good” feeling of this anime series.

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2. “Alive” by Mashiro Ayano (Darwin’s Game)-

Mashiro Ayano’s vocals come alive in this splendid performance. The pop singer is no stranger to anime songs; she performed an opening for Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. Ayano’s brilliant vocals are well matched by the strong piano in this tune.

1. “Other Side” by MIYAVI (ID: Invaded)-

ID: Invaded is a precious gem of an anime and this psychological crime series also has an incomparable ending theme song. “Other Side” is a banger from MIYAVI’s successful album, No Sleep Till Tokyo. No song could possibly be a better fit for this mysterious anime.

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