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2019: Where Will Capcom Go From Here?

2019: Where Will Capcom Go From Here?

Is there another trump card?


Capcom is officially sitting on the throne of gamers around the world, with the resounding success of resident evil 2 and devil may cry 5, the question now remains: Where will Capcom go from here?

Capcom got the ball rolling with the remake of Resident Evil 7 and they followed that with Mega Man 11. I knew people who were waiting over 10 years for their remakes! Capcom truly revitalized the resident evil series from the dirt after the failure of Resident Evil 6 and Raccoon city. Resident Evil 7 felt like a whole new different game sticking to the survival horror. Then at the end of 2018 Resident evil 2 dropped and it exceeded the expectation by being original with current game mechanics.


Resident Evil 2 brought the classic resident evil back from the grave. What amazed everyone was that Capcom somehow pulled it off without also stabbing the old school fans in the back. They successfully created the nostalgic environment of resident evil 2 without sacrificing what made it great in the first place.

The game shined to the old school fans and also to the newcomers who had a vague idea about what resident evil is or was all about. It’s rare to see a gaming company putting authenticity over trendy gimmick for marketing value. The company did it by pleasuring both the survival horror fans and the new action-oriented fans.

Many gamers were worried that capcom might stumble on a few rocks if they had to make a genuine sequel. The company has a long history of botching their sequels. But they proved everyone wrong with the release of devil may cry 5.

Devil May Cry 5
Devil May Cry 5

Devil may cry 5 completely shattered the expectations of critics. Introducing RE engine to the DMC series was a refreshing idea and that put the visuals to another level.

The combat system of devil may cry 5 evolved like a fine wine.

What Should Capcom Release Next?

Their best is already on the table. They can certainly play it safe by bringing back the older titles, but it may become stale after a while. Similar to the movie industry rehashing the same stories and superhero movies over and over again.

In my opinion, Capcom should start investing in new titles. The thing to adore about the indie industry that they don’t go for Paper please 2, No! instead of that, they focus on something different, something the likes we’ve never experienced before such as – Return of the Obra Dinn.

Capcom Beat em up
Capcom Beat em up

If the next-gen catalog of gaming became more like the ones we had back in the PlayStation 2 / Xbox era, it will be a fresh thing to see in the AAA industry. Capcom used to make new IPs. Remember me (Nobody remembers) was a decent game.

It was refreshing to see something new instead of getting more of the same every year as they do with Ubisoft. It doesn’t have to an overblown AAA title. Naughty dog made Crash Bandicoot before The Last of Us or Uncharted.

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God hand
God hand

I congratulate EA on dropping anthem; Sure the game got obliterated by critics, but by putting money on to a new IP is a hopeful trend for the future. If the game had worked, they would have surely brought back the Dead Space series to cash in.

Capcom has stated they are done with the devil may cry 5 and last year’s resident evil, focusing more on the E-sports.

“There can be no doubt that the esports market in Japan is very, very small,” Toto said. “The Street Fighter League in Japan isn’t a flop, but even this IP was not able to turn the tide for this particular industry. I personally believe the market for this league in the West is actually much bigger than in Japan.”

One might hope they start making new games instead of putting numbers into the old ones to make their investors happy.

Disclaimer: This article and any content relating to the aforementioned products, companies, etc, is 100% my personal opinion and is not presented as fact or claims, they are just my personal belief!  

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