Kirby Cafe in Japan, 10 Awesome Menu Items!

Tokyo’s Kirby Cafe opened in 2018. It consists of both a restaurant and a gift store.

Fans can stop for a bite or just grab some exclusive Kirby merch!

Note: Exact prices and conversion rates may change from the time of writing this article. 

Strawberry Cake is one of Kirby’s most favorite meals and many items on the menu are strawberry themed!

1. Kirby’s Soft Strawberry Mousse

Source: Hachiko District

Price: 1,480 Yen ~= $13 USD 

A light and fluffy mousse served with cream.

Make it creamy or eat it by itself; Either way, just make sure to smile while slicing off Kirby’s arms and legs!

2. Kirby’s Warm Soup Pasta & Cheese Toast

Price: 1,680 Yen ~= $15 USD

Minestrone soup with cheese toast.

Eating soup out of Kirby’s head might be a reference to the possible upcoming Zombie Kirby game!

3. Giant Hot Dot inside Kirby’s Mouth


Price: 1,580 Yen ~= $14 USD

It’s a giant hot dog inside Kirby’s mouth with cheese cause and star shaped hash browns!

Hot dogs can be found in Kirby Air Ride.

4. Coffee & Vegetable Curry from Wispy Farm

Source: Hachiko District

Price: 2,480 Yen ~= $22 USD

Enjoy two types of curry and you get to keep the Kirby mascot!

5. Kracko Soda

Source: Hachiko District

Price: 880 Yen ~= $8 USD

Classic melting cotton candy Kracko drink with strawberry soda. Kirby really loves strawberries!

You get to keep the coaster!

6. Maxim Tomato Complete Recovery Dish


Price: 2,480 Yen ~= $22 USD

Tomato stew with their special tomato jam on cheese cake.

Source: Hachiko District

You get to keep the souvenir plate and Kirby or Waddle Dee mascot!

7. Melo Melo ☆ Friend Heart Cocktail

Source: Hachiko District

Price: 880 Yen ~= $8 USD

A blue cocktail with a friend heart that will make you “confused.”

This drink is non-alcoholic… we all know what happened last time Kirby got drunk…

8. Kirby’s Caprese “Mushrooms”


Price: 1,380 Yen ~= $12 USD

See Also

These are tomatoes with mozzarella cheese designed to look like Cappy!

9. Sleepy Omu Curry


A sleepy Waddle Dee on a soft bed of warm curry… “Please don’t eat him!” (Do it!)


10. Art Collection Drink

Source: Hachiko District

Price: 1,980 Yen ~= $18 USD

A drink that’s too cute to drink! You can choose from three flavors: Coffee, Matcha, and… you guessed it… Strawberry!

You get to keep the coaster and mug!

There’s Much More!

There are many more cool items and collectibles updated at the cafe so be sure to check it out if you are ever near Tokyo Sky Tree. Visit the Kirby Cafe Official Website.

Hachiko District

Special thanks to Hachiko District for supplying us with some great images and video!

Hachiko District covers unique and interesting locations around Japan.

Be sure to check them out if you enjoyed this type of content!

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